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Ford Power Stroke V8 6.7 L Diesel 300 hp Engine, 2016 US EPA Label, Requires Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Air Conditioner, Cruise Control, Power Windows, Automatic Transmission, 5940 lb Front Axle, 9750 lb Rears, 14000 lb GVWR, LT24575R17 Front Tires, LT24575R17 Rear Tires, Spring Suspension, 165 in Wheelbase, 12 ft 6 in x 96 in Bed, Steel Frame, Liftgate **Seller Comment: The engine is bad and needs ...
Ford V10 10 Cylinder Gasoline Engine, 2002 US EPA Label, Air Conditioner, Cruise Control, Automatic Transmission, 4,550 lb Front Axle, 9,750 lb Rears, 11,200 lb GVWR, 215/85R16 Front Tires, 215/85R16 Rear Tires, Spring Suspension, 176 in Wheelbase, Knapheide PCMX-93CGSA 111 in Body.
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